Summary of my talk at the Podcast Summit


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The Podcast Summit was packed with hundreds of podcasters, learning, sharing, connecting. I was honored to be a keynote speaker breaking down building your personal brand for big opportunities and how to create content and get money from brands to pay for it.

Here are my episode notes:

Podcasting’s Growth and Advertiser Spending: Podcasting is experiencing explosive growth, with advertisers spending $2.3 billion on podcast advertising in 2023, expected to rise to $4 billion by 2025. Even small podcasts can attract brand sponsorships and ad revenue due to the increasing availability of funds.

Brands Investing in Niche Audiences: Brands are increasingly investing in podcasts with small, passionate, and engaged niche audiences. They recognize that such podcasts deliver better returns on their investment.

Benefits of Getting Brand Deals: Securing brand deals offers significant advantages, including financial support to execute podcast ideas, the ability to hire staff and improve equipment, and enhanced credibility. Additionally, associating with brands can lead to more speaking opportunities.

Red Flags in Podcast Monetization: Avoid immediately setting pricing for your podcast. Instead, engage in conversations with potential advertisers. Going directly to marketers, based on your niche and audience, can enable you to charge a premium for ad placements.

YouTube for Podcast Discovery: YouTube has become the primary platform for podcast discovery. To leverage this trend, podcasters are encouraged to create video content, such as audiograms, which combine audio with visuals, appealing to a wider audience and participating in the YouTube strategy.