The Power of Decisions with Daniel Jones

Today, Mario chats with Daniel Jones, a graduate of Capital One’s CATAPULT program. Daniel’s story will blow you away. He took the hand life handed him, made a decision to change it and was able to really turn things around. CATAPULT is Capital One’s – five-week training course for youth who have the potential but not yet the skills for professional careers. Catapult is an organization supported by Capital One’s Future Edge initiative — an effort focused on helping people succeed in a digital economy by advancing skills for the 21st century, small business development and financial well-being. Catapult’s mission is to provide opportunity youth—young adults who are high school graduates ages 18 to 24—the chance to be great with the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their full potential through professional training, financial education, and workplace mentoring.

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