• Respect to the Doers!

    I respect you. To take an idea from nothing to something is not easy. So today, I’m patting you on the back to remind you that you are great and […]

  • Get More Opportunities with this simple idea!

    Most ideas that are useful are common sense but not common practice. I share a quick tip that my Dad reminded me about that has created more opportunities for one […]

  • Billions of dollars for Creators!

    Forward this episode to any creator you know. They need this information. Marketing guru Steve Stoute, shares how advertising is changing and how brands are aggressively redirecting their money to […]

  • Ask For ONLY 11 Minutes!

    We ask way too much of people for their time. In this episode Mario breaks down a simpler approach to ensure getting more meetings and increasing your opportunities. If you […]

  • She Took Her Shot And This Happened

    When you see something you can offer to someone else DON’T HESITATE – take action and shoot your shot. Holla at @etcdesignstudio.

  • This Is How You Shoot Your Shot

    Shoutout to @etcdesignstudios for paying attention and taking your shot. Now you are top of mind for other ideas we have in the company. This is a reminder for you […]

  • This DM Tip Is Gold

    What could you do with an additional $20k, $45k or $100k for your business or idea? If you need help with getting brand sponsorships, I’m your guy! Soon I’m launching […]

  • Focus On Generating Revenue

    When you have a business or you’re launching an idea, please focus on securing the bag! Pay attention to where you’re putting attention. Do those things generate income so that […]

  • Take A Step Back

    Don’t beat yourself up so much! Things are going to happen, things are going to not work as planned so just know you aren’t the only one. I feel your […]

  • You’re Missing The Point

    If it was easy, so many others would have already done it. Anything worth doing, anything worth building requires a process, persistence, clarity and discipline. Society tries to jedi-mind trick […]